Head of Service Delivery

Publicly Traded Insurance Company
Hire a Successor for the Chief Customer Service Officer
Role Focus
Own and drive the delivery of customer experience to Life, Annuity, and VUL inforce customers and beneficiaries
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Head of Service Delivery – Succession Hire for the Chief Customer Officer

A Life Insurance Company headquartered in the South with more than 3,200 employees, annual revenues of $6.5 billion and assets of $127 billion was seeking a successor for the Chief Customer Officer, who was being promoted to Chief Operating Officer.

The client needed an executive search firm with a deep specialization and understanding of the leadership landscape not only for the life insurance industry, but across financial services, as the sector experience was critical based on significant interaction required with key leaders in Product, Underwriting, Finance, IT, Legal/Compliance, and other areas of Operations.

The position also required relocation to the South, and the firm ultimately chose to retain SLATE based on our specific focus working with clients in smaller market cities, our reputation in the financial services and insurance industry, and our success placing executives in the customer experience function.

“I’m so pleased with our result! With the difficulty of this search, and of finding someone to relocate here, my biggest concern was the timing. Not only did SLATE deliver a very well qualified set of candidates that we never would have found on our own, they did it quickly. We were able to hire an AMAZING, under the radar executive for this role well within the deadlines we had set for ourselves”

This position manages a multi-level, multi-site, cross-LOB team (~4.5M inforce customers, ~85,000 beneficiaries, ~600 employees, +100 contractors, ~$50M budget), responsible for driving the delivery of customer experience to Life, Annuity, and VUL inforce customers and beneficiaries. As a key member of the Customer Experience leadership team, the incumbent was to drive customer engagement, employee engagement and operational scale.

We tailored the search to provide a clear and complete picture of appropriate operational leadership talent not only in the insurance industry, but also among all the adjacent sectors of financial services (for example, the retirement plan business, and the health insurance sector).

Already armed with a significant amount of intel from decades of relationships with operational leaders, we were able to quickly move through the market, taking a “top down” relationship-based referencing approach, coupled with a “bottom up” full market outreach approach. This led us to quickly understand who the best possible candidates were, and how best to represent the firm and the opportunity to them, resulting in the perfect candidate, who was ultimately hired.

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