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The insurance industry is facing numerous disruptions, including a multi-generational workforce and clients, changing expectations, and a shift to digital. Forward-thinking firms must develop a long-term roadmap to attract and retain talent that will meet clients where they are and to face these disruptions head-on.

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Alignment is key when working in the face of disruption. Our focus is on the best insurance companies in life, annuity, retirement plan and P&C markets located in mid-size and smaller market cities across the U.S. Your organizational and geographic culture are front of mind as we search for the right person—not just for the job, but for the market.

Our team is here to not just find the right people but to help build the right strategies for the long haul. Having firmwide buy-in and comprehension of those strategies is crucial to your success. We bring you the talent to develop these strategies, which will inform your every decision, from onboarding and succession planning, to implementing digital solutions and a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Who We
Partner With

Who We Partner With

We are your go-to when your firm is in need of executive search, talent acquisition, organizational strategy, and diversity, equity, and inclusion solutions. We take care of and pride in marketing your firm and culture to allow you to be a leader in an ever-changing world.




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“DEI goes beyond the surface of skin color—it’s a living, breathing practice that takes everyone’s lived experiences into consideration in order to level the playing field and set teams up for long-term success.”
Matt Huffman
Managing Partner, SLATE

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