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SLATE places diverse financial services executives in select cities between the coasts.
Tell us what—and
who—You’re looking for.
SLATE is a retained executive search firm specializing in diverse, executive level talent for Financial Services firms in smaller market cities.
Tell us what—and
who—You’re Looking for.

Our Clients Span the Financial Services Industry

Our Clients Span the Financial Services Industry

A Sampling of Our Clients

Hiring Diverse Financial Services Executives in the Heartland.

Find the right person for the right job in the right market.
We Put Technology Into Action.
Using industry intelligence, data, relationships, and a client-tailored process, we work with you to find the right person for the right job in the right market.
It's mission-critical to staying relevant among prospects and competition.
You need a complete picture of diversity data in order to better inform hiring decisions.
A solid infrastructure is key to attracting and retaining talent.
We work with you to develop strategy at the corporate, business, and functional levels.
Win Over Increasing competition in a finite global market.
Attract, develop, promote, and retain the best talent on an ongoing multi-role basis.

Why Choose SLATE?

As lifelong Midwesterners, we value, understand, and appreciate smaller market firms and their cultures—something often misunderstood or discounted by larger coastal recruiters.

Our range of solutions combines cutting-edge data with long-running relationships to put you ahead of the competition. With the long-term in mind, we’ll position you to attract, retain, and promote talent, no matter the competitive landscape.

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