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Long-Term View

The financial services industry is increasing digital and subject to change. Compounded with “new normal” work models, competing for qualified talent, and attracting and retaining a multi-generational workforce with unique expectations, this industry has a wealth of opportunities ahead. We take a long-term, agile view to the industry to help you compete successfully in a crowded landscape.

We are laser-focused on serving banks, insurance, private equity, and wealth management firms. Our aim is to help them navigate continuous change by building up a talented team that’s right for the job and the market.

“I’ve spent my entire career in the financial services industry. Seeing all the opportunities and challenges ahead spark my passion for helping find the right people to propel this industry forward.”

Matt Huffman
Managing Partner, SLATE

Our Clients
Span the
Financial Services Industry

Our Clients Span the Financial Services Industry

Executive Recruiting Best Practices

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