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When scaling your organization, talent acquisition plays a key role. With competition fiercer than ever, acquisition strategy can make or break a company’s ability to build and retain a strong team.

Providing a maintained, active and ongoing pool of talent for multiple mid-level positions across your organization can allow you to quickly and effectively identify and engage top talent for “ready now “roles.  

Multi-Role Recruitment

Our multi-role solutions result in a meaningful increase in hires with a shorter time to fill, leading to a deeper and more diverse succession bench, and a pipeline of talent that can be leveraged for continued growth.

We bring time and resources to help you view this process from the intersection of strategy, risk, and talent in order to emphasize longevity, happiness, and success.

Attract and Retain the Best in the Industry

In an increasingly competitive industry, companies that prioritize a holistic, long-term acquisition strategy that focuses on unique culture will come out ahead.
Candidates placed nationally
Average months in position

Aquisition Strategy

Effective acquisition strategies take organizational goals into account and know that people are the reason for a company’s success.

Awareness Campaigns

Keeping track of potential talent means carving out time build and maintain relationships, whether that’s networking or updating a potential hire’s information.

Unique Value Proposition

Promoting your organization’s culture and what makes it special—and competitive—are critical to attracting and retaining talent in a crowded market.

Talent Pipeline

Whether it’s via social media or word-of-mouth marketing, awareness-building campaigns are key to raising your profile among potential talent.


From sourcing to interviewing, the recruitment process is steeped in cultivating and building relationships with a wide talent pool for the long-term.


The onboarding process will stick with employees for years to come. A streamlined, engaging process will help solidify a positive relationship.

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“Showing your competitive and unique value proposition and having an acquisition strategy aligned with company goals and a streamlined onboarding process are key to attracting talent and showing them that you truly believe they are the bedrock of your company’s success.”
Matt Huffman
Managing Partner, SLATE

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