Geographic Focus

The Midwest and Smaller Market Cities

As lifelong Midwesterners, we value, understand, and appreciate smaller market firms and their cultures—something often misunderstood or discounted by larger coastal recruiters.

Our focus is mid-size and smaller market cities across the Midwest, South and Southwest regions. Your organizational and geographic culture are front of mind as we search for the right person—not just for the job, but for the market.


As Midwest natives, we know the culture from Omaha to Chicago to Cincinnati and use that knowledge to your benefit when placing executives in the right role.

From Chattanooga to New Orleans, we value the distinct Southern charm and a face-to-face conversation. We combine the art of conversation with the science of analytics to find the right fit at your firm.

Whether in Flagstaff, Albuquerque, or Salt Lake City, the area’s natural beauty and quaint lifestyle are major draws for potential candidates. You know culture—both geographical and organizational—is critical when attracting talent, and we put that at the forefront of our searches.

A Sampling of Our Partners and Clients

“Showing your competitive and unique value proposition and having an acquisition strategy aligned with company goals and a streamlined onboarding process are key to attracting talent and showing them that you truly believe they are the bedrock of your company’s success.”
Matt Huffman
Managing Partner, SLATE

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