Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Data-Driven Approach

The Financial Services industry severely lacks ethnic diversity, so how do you increase your pool of Diverse talent? The industry also lacks accurate data, and companies do not have diversity within their own networks of talent to pull from. There is a Massive Gap between the knowledge of the diverse talent pool that exists in Financial Services, and the measurement and success of current diversity initiatives. 

The SLATE platform provides clients with complete and accurate diversity data to drive meaningful numbers of diverse hires and to better inform hiring decisions.  With our data-driven approach, you are ready to build a foundation that will make you an impressive presence when attracting the next generation of candidates.

Transform Work with Diverse Talent

A diverse workforce is good for the bottom line, the culture, and the ability to stay competitive in a crowded market.

Candidates placed nationally
Average months in position


Nearly 90% of the time, inclusive teams make better business decisions.*


Nearly 90% of the time, inclusive teams make better business decisions.*


More than 85% of candidates consider diversity an important factor when looking for a new job.±


Inclusive teams are nearly two times more likely to be sees as innovation leaders in their market.°


Clients are investing in DEI and expect you to be invested, too. DEI helps you deepen your client relationships and serve their needs better.™

Increased Revenue

Diverse leadership teams produce see an average of 19% more revenue.•


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“DEI goes beyond the surface of skin color—it's a living, breathing practice that takes everyone’s lived experiences into consideration in order to level the playing field and set teams up for long-term success.”
Matt Huffman
Managing Partner, SLATE

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